MRT accessories


Do not edit or redistribute without explicit permission and NO commercial gain made by either renting, leasing or selling of this package..
This add-on is meant for ARMA 3 game platform by Bohemia Interactive only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author.

I take no responsibility for any damage to your game/system that may be caused by installation of this Addon.






































BUG reporting

BUG REPORTING (coming soon)

Known Issues
Gripod may clip with original fore-grip on some weapons (we can only fix this when BI fix the coding error). If you would like to see this bug fixed then please head to this issue tracker we posted and up vote it thank you.

Upcoming Releases


– F90\EF88 –
– Custom AK –
– SRS Sniper –
– ACOG –
– ARX 160
– F2000
– Mk3 minimi 5.56


( more to be announced soon)


– first release

– fixed animations for reloads
– added new suppressors
– redone sounds
– fixed keys
– fixed configs
– added 7.62 suppressor compatibility
– added SCAR suppressor compatibility
– tweaked suppressor ballistics slightly
– fixed the error when placing units
– fixed showcase
– added class names
– fixed suppressor sound bug with JSRS indoors

– added EGLM scars
– redone suppressor values
– fixed reload anims
– fixed weapon weight for all guns
– fixed some shadow issues
– Hopefully fixed keys..


– MRT requirement
– reticle adjustment for specific optics (Spitfire)
– New accessories
– New scopes
– fully animated 2x magnifiers
– fixed suppressor values
– fixed SCAR folding sight (forward now)
– all new sounds for all V1 weapons
– reworked audio for suppressors
– HK 417 re texture
– HK 416 re texture
– fixed HK416 \ 417 charge handle model
– HK iron sights tweaks heights and sizes
– MSAR re texture
– SAR 21 re texture
– HK 416 correct butt stock
– ELCAN scope re texture (redoing scope Model soon)
– tweaked barrel lengths
– animated switches on guns
– Fixed bolt animations ( will lock back when empty)
– model cfg fixes
– fixed tracer rounds in all ammo (now right colors)
– New 7.62×51 ballistics
– updated 5.56×45 ballistics
– Added GL variants of AUG CQC
– Added variants of HK416
– Added variants of SAR 21 MMS
– Added variants of SCAR
– Added AUG Steyr A3
– Custom Animations for all AUG models (big thanks to Todie2k for his work there)
– removed SMA units so SMA is weapons pack only
– Added optional Folder\pbo for Vanilla Ammo use
– Added ANpeq Top mount and side mount
– SKS re texture
– AUG CQC re texture
– MSAR re texture
– SAR 21 re texture
– redone Showcase mission with new ASOR gear selector
– reworked most Hand animations on weapons


– Added Remington ACR
– Added Magpul MASADA
– Added AAC Blackout MPW
– Added MINIMI MK3
– Added L85RIS
– Added TAVOR
– Added CMORE optics
– Added BARSKA optics
– Added Surefire Flashlight
– Added Laser Light combo for various weapons (use MRT to toggle)
– Added 23 Additional Suppressors fitting various weapon systems
– Added Bipod compatibility for Specified weapons
– Added The First fully functional Grippod attachment for Arma 3 (Only mounts on selected Vert Foregrip weapons)
– Added Custom variants of HK416
– Added ammo 300 blackout + 6.8
– Added New reload animations for SKS (Todie)
– Added New variations of the Vortex 3x now has low mount and ARD (Anti Reflection Device)
– Reworked Vortex optics with new RDS side mounts
– Reworked Optics vision improved on Vortex scopes.
– Reworked all Audio for weapons
– Reworked Ballistics 556 + 762
– Reworked Animations on multiple weapons
– Reworked SCAR Textures
– Reworked Recoils and weapon handling
– Reworked under barrel M203 for AUG CQC + HK 416 (model sorce by TIGG)
– Reworked Iron sights on Aug CQC now uses Troy flip sights
– Reworked Showcase mission fully voice acted all new models and assets.
– Fixed Clear Magazine glitch
– Adjustments to attachment positioning on multiple weapons
– Removed Elcan specter (until model is finished and fixed)
_ + probably more i have forgotten.


– Fixed AAC 9inch Lod glitch, gun was shooting 90 and sighting was broken
– Fixed Ammo box errors missing files
– Fixed AAC attachments compatibility
– Fixed init speeds on ballistics now corrected (spartan)
– Fixed Ammo description
– Redone HK 417 Mag texture
– Reworked optics zooms on most rds optics to match Bi settings
– Reworked Weapon Fire rates Now correct to RL rpms
– Reworked Recoils and weapon handling
– Reworked Tail sounds on all weapons ( Just to mix it up a bit from model to model)


– Added MK18 DD multiple variants + under barrel M203
– Added Custom M4 BCM + Spikes Tactical multiple variants + under barrel M203
– Added EOTech XPS2 Holographic with G33.STS 3X Magnifier
– Added MBUS gen 2 back up sights for various weapons (replaced old model)
– Added 1 extra variant of NOVOSAKE Flash hider (TAN)
– Added 2 new HK 416 variant with under barrel M203
– Added M203 animation for SCAR, AUG, M4, MK18, HK416
– Fixed ACR reload animation
– Fixed ACR 556 now uses correct ammo
– Fixed AAC Blackout Model glitch
– Fixed Minimi MK3 Buttstock texture missing in first person
– Fixed M203 sighs on HK is now RDS not old Flip up.
– Fixed Player clipping under ground when deploying weapon (Thanks Da12Monkey)
– Fixed Optic zooms on all Optics now match ARMA settings
– Reworked Weapon Audio files (better performance)
– Reworked Weapon Volumes at distance
– Reworked all weapon firing sounds (much improved)
– Reworked M203 firing sound
– Reworked some tan textures color shades
– SMA Showcase updated


– Apex Update patch
– Reset Audio on all weapons for new sound engine
– Fixed sound bugs
– Adjusted Reload anims on AR weapons
– Adjusted Recoils on all weapons
– Updated Fire Sounds on ACR L85 TAVOR HK416 HK417 SCAR-MK17
– Updated Reload Sounds on ACR M4 MK18 HK416 HK417 SCAR-MK17 SCAR-Mk16
– Updated Suppressor sounds 7.62 5.56
– New SCAR textures now better represent the Gen 3 of the SCAR
– New SCAR Versions OD green
– Fixed SCAR MK-16 Muzzle acc now share same as the other 5.56 weapons
– Config clean up



– Complete remodel and replacement of HK416
– Complete remodel and replacement of HK417
– Added Magpul Rail guards for new HK 416s
– Complete overhaul of every Weapons audio now very high quality rework
– Complete overhaul of every Weapons suppressor audio
– Added Aimpoint Micro T-2 optics
– Added Elcan SpecterDR with full function of 3d scope 1x 4x and iron sight or RDS
– Elcan specterDR has MRT functionality to toggle between reticle brightness for different light conditions in game (like real life version)
– Added new ROTEX 3 suppressors
– Added ACR Grenade Launcher variants both 6.8 and 556
– Added Anpeq Top mounts and Lazer light combos for ACR
– Changed ACR Remington mags to steel (used to be plastic)
– Added New MK18 Variants in OD painted
– Reworked textures on MK18s
– Fixed Mk 18 bolt animations
– Renamed some original suppressors
– Fixes to SCAR Ui pictures errors
– Fixes to some shadow lods on MK18
– Fixed excessive Glare reflection on Red dot side mount on Vortex 3 optics
– Fixed Glare reflection on Eotech optics (still there but not as prominent)
– Fixed Muzzle proxys on ACR to line up cleaner
– Optimizations for Models across the board for performance
– Updated all Ui pictures and icons
– Adjusted Lazer light and Top mount positions for HK416
– Updated Ballistics codes for 7.62×51 7.62×39 5.56×45 6.8 and 300 blackout
– Removed Mk319 7.62×51
– Added Mk316 7.62×51

– The Showcase mission has been removed from the mod as it was broken and will be redone for V3. You can still see all the gear at




– Fixed config patches error corrected class names
– Fixed default zero on Elcan optics now 100m
– Added ELCAN_ALTZOOM_C pbo in optional folder gives people choice on how they prefer optic to work (can use both at same time)
– Adjusted Glare from some optics for clearer view
– Fixed missing grip pod compatibility on some of the custom HK416 (VFG) variants
– Fixed missing Recoils pbo now sets correct Recoils
– Added Gemtech one suppressor now compatible with 556 weapons
– Fixed Dispersion values on weapons to correct inaccuracies
– Fixed SKS ammo not working
– Fixed optional Vanilla ammo pbo missing class name and now correct folder
– Fixed cba_jr errors (thanks for the heads up Robalo)

Installation Instructions

Extract into the ArmA 3 Directory, by default this is located in:

  • 32-Bit – C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/
  • 64-Bit – C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/

After extraction it should look like this:

Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/@your_mod_folder_name

You can also use the “Arma 3” folder in your “My Documents” folder. You’ll also need add a Launch Parameter to Steam, in order to do so right-click on ArmA 3 and click Properties and then Set Launch Options. In the window that opens enter:


For using multiple mods you would then do so like this:


If you still have problems to install it look into this guide – http://www.armaholic…m=posts&q=20866

============== MRT Accessories Setup ==============

To setup MRT accessories simply go to

Configure\Controls\Configure Addons\MRT Accessory Functions

and set your preferred keys to the next and previous optic state. Now enjoy the new functions.