MK262 Mod 1 SBLR

 (Special Ball Long Range) – Designed by USSOCOM for designated marksman using Special Purpose Rifles and M16A4’s to have more accurate shot placement at long range, and still retain lethality. Features a reverse drawn metal jacket surrounding a lead core, weighs in at 77 grains, produced by Black Hills Ammunition. This round was specifically designed to be shot from longer barrels form 18 inches up to 24 inches in length. Going any longer in length results in negligible returns in velocity, and going shorter than 18 inches results in rapid velocity fall off, especially when getting into the sort barreled rifle lengths of 12 inches and 10 inches. The MK262 Mod 1 is designed for use against “soft targets” and while it is capable at shorter distances of penetrating some light barriers under 200m, its primary purpose is against personnel with light Kevlar or no armor at all. Against soft targets this ammunition is supersonic in an M16A4 out to 700 meters and in a Special Purpose Rifle with a 22-24 inch barrel its supersonic out to 800m.



5.56×45 NATO