Specialist Military Arms

The extensive weapons arsenal modification for ARMA3

The SMA project is a non profit weapons modification for ARMA3. Our goal is to create high quality authentic weapons and accessories from different manufacturers and locations around the world. We set out to combine some of the well known favorites and more unique weapon systems we know of and bring them to life in ARMA. Our development team started in late 2013 since then we have been responsable for some of the most authentic and innovative content available to the ARMA3 community.

While we continue to focus on our upcoming releases, we hope people get the enjoyment and immersion from using the content as we have enjoyed creating it.


  • Currently over 185 High quality Weapon variations
  • 29 High quality Optics
  • Animated 3x Magnifiers
  • Fitted high quality attachments
  • Suppressors
  • Flash hiders
  • Custom weapon Audio
  • Togglable Reticle options (specific optics)
  • First Animated fully functioning Grip pod attachment
  • Functional Lazer light combos (Toggle between light and lazer)
  • Authentic real life ballistics and ammunition
  • Bipod compatible weapons
  • Showcase mission


  • HK416
  • HK417
  • MK18 MOD1
  • M4A1 Tactical
  • SCAR
  • ACR
  • L85 RIS
  • AAC Blackout
  • SAR21
  • AUG A3
  • MSAR E4
  • SKS Bullpup Conversion


  • Gripod
  • Elcan SpecterDR DFOV14-C1
  • Micro T2 Optic (High and Low mount)
  • Micro T2 + 3x magnifier
  • Vortex Spitfire 3
  • Vortex Spitfire 1
  • Red Dot CMORE Optics
  • Red Dot BARSKA Optics
  • EoTech Optics + Magnifiers
  • Lazer Light combos
  • AN/PEQ-15
  • Gemtech Halo suppressors
  • Gemtech One suppressors
  • Knights QDSS-NT4 Suppressors
  • Rotex 3 Suppressors
  • Noveske Flash hiders